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It will be a pleasure for us to meet you, but we are sure that Café del Lago will be a new Discovery for you. A unique place located in one of the most magical locations in Formentera. Where the art of the good cuisine and the most placid and turquoise coloured wáter that you have ever seen fuse toguether. You cannot miss the island's ochre dusks or the bright starry nights... Simply unique...


The basis of our cuisine is an Italian and Mediterranean one. It is rich and varied in flavours and colours, our chef makes healthy and tasty recipes which will not dissapoint anybody. We use fresh and first quality produts and this is what supports our good making in Café del Lago you can enjoy a tasty breakfast, an appetising snack or a lunch or a dinner worthy of the must discerning palates.


The smallest of the Pitiusas Islands but the most magical and idyllic one for many people.
Its wide variety in colours, turquoise, ochre and White makes it unique and incomparable. Its beautiful and authentic stories about people, windmills and salt lakes captivate everybody.
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